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Friday, October 19 - Saturday, October 20

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Contact Info
Phones: Michael Ross: 817-346-3416 or Mike Walter: 817-346-1644

2018 Clinics

Spray Painting with Acrylic Paints
By Bill Huebner
Bill worked for both Conrail and CSX for 20 years before opening his own law office. Bill moved to the metroplex about 4 years ago. He has become a local expert in air brushing with acrylics. He says he learned most of what he knows from following the practices of military modelers.

Learn About the Newest Railroad in Texas - TexRail
By Mr. Brian Murnahan
Get the scoop on what it takes to build a 12-inch scale railroad.

Sales & Trading Tables / Clinics / DFW O Scalers Modular Layout
Location: Fort Worth Academy, 7301 Dutch Branch Road, Fort Worth
Layout Visits: Bill Hadley / Michael Ross / Mike Walter

Southwest O Scale Meet History

For almost 30 years, two-rail modelers have gathered in October for the Southwest O Scale meet. It started when O Scaler Larry Muir invited a few of his O Scale friends to join him in Dallas for a week-end of buying, selling, trading and (most importantly) running trains on Larry's fabulous O Scale layout. Model railroading is not as popular in the Lone Star state as in other parts of the country, and what O Scale modelers were here often seem few and far between. As such, O Scale modelers in the Southwest eagerly looked forward to Larry's annual get-together as a chance to hob-knob with their fellow two-railers. Larry was quite the successful electronics entrepreneur - so successful he could bring the famed custom builder, Jerry White, and other special guests to Dallas on his private jet! As much a social gathering as swap and sales meet, Larry's O-Scale hoedown continued and grew for many years, eventually becoming the Southwest O Scale Meet.

When Larry passed away, Southwest O Scalers did not want this once yearly chance to get together to end. For a while, the meet rotated between various cities, but eventually found a ten-year home in Oklahoma City under the sponsorship of George Wallace. Each year O Scalers would gather to talk, present slide shows, tell railroad tales, and swap and buy modeling supplies for the coming year. The "anchor vendor" was Merlyn Lauber of Caboose Stop hobbies, Cedar Falls, Iowa. To the delight of all attendees, Merlyn would bring an immense selection of O Scale items from which to choose.

At the 2011 OK-City meet, George "voluntold" the two Fort Worth "Mike" (Mike Ross and Mike Walter) that it was their turn to take the throttle and keep the meet rolling along. In October 2012, O Scalers from all over the Southwest gathered in Fort Worth to keep the tradition alive. A meeting hall was found within a five-mile radius of three O Scale layouts, and the schedule was set so that everyone, including vendors, would have time to visit the home layouts. Other layouts in the Metroplex area were open for visits before and after the show. Each year since 2012 the Southwest O Scale Meet has grown larger and more exciting.

Location for 2018

Fort Worth Academy
7301 Dutch Branch Road, Fort Worth, 76132
The gym is located in the rear of the school campus.
This location is within minutes of the Hadley / Ross / Walter layouts.
Note: Do not confuse with Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts on Hulen Street.

Timetable for the 2018 Meet

Saturday Special Activities (9 AM - 2 PM)

Ron Maxfield - Master Structure Builder will display his latest models of Downtown Corsicana, Texas.

Dan Rosusseau - Our 2nd master structure builder will again be hard at work at his table demonstrating his techniques.

Layouts at the Show

The DFW O-scalers will be bringing TWO layouts to the show -- their mainline-operations layout (12 x 36 feet) and their new traction layout (3 x 22 feet). The DFW O-Scalers welcome all modelers to bring equipment to run.

Layouts Open During the Show

Mike Ross' Virginian layout has a nearly 500 ft mainline that includes spectacular mountain operation, as well as a 2nd loop that serves as a branch line for local trains and switching. The layout features a long, curved stone arch bridge, a fully detailed trestle, and scenery has been started. Two trains are operated simultaneously. Check out these YouTube videos of Mike's layout:
Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4, Video 5

Here are 5 pictures of Mike Ross' layout. Click on the pictures to view a larger version of each.


Mike Walter's layout is really two layouts in one room - the main layout is two-rail O Scale with a very clever (and long!) track plan, but Mike also tucked in a high-rail layout in the middle to showcase his exceptional collection. Both Mike's two-rail layouts feature hand laid track and turnouts using Lou Cross's Right-O'-Way components. This year Mike will have operation over the full extent of the 2 rail mainline.

Bill Hadley's Tarrant Traction Company: Bill's prior On30 Maine themed Monson Lakes layout hauled mostly wood products. The forests were depleted, causing Bill to shut down the On30 operation and start his long-dreamed of traction layout. Bill expects to have some hand laid trackage operating by show time.

Layouts Open Before or After the Show
(Email us for contact information.)

Sherman, Texas (North of Dallas)
Brady McGuire's Laurel Valley Secondary of the Pennsylvania Railroad
Thursday: 4 PM - 9 PM (earlier by appointment)
Sunday: 10 AM - 4 PM

Brady McGuire's Laurel Valley Secondary of the Pennsylvania Railroad is in its own 36 x 60 foot building in his backyard built to look like a freight house. The layout represents the 45 miles from Pitcairn Yard in East Pittsburgh to Moss Lake and Bowest Yard at Connellsville, PA, in October 1957. This heavy industrial RR has 31 industries in four industrial districts. The RR is operated by Train Orders with car cards and waybills. A six station phone system allows operators to communicate with the Dispatcher. The PRR Snow Hill branch line serves the town of Laurel Springs and the large 3-track Penna. Coal and Coke Co. mine #42 at Snow Hill. On display are Brady's 20 car military train with 17 flatcars with 28 vehicles, an 18 car reconditioned RBB&B circus train built circa 1960's, a 3 track icing facility servicing 21 reefer cars and an award winning double track deck truss bridge. The layout has 19 staging tracks - and Brady says that is not enough! Also exhibited in the "freight house" are Brady's 45 year collection of Lionel, American Flyer and Marx electric toy trains circa 1950s-1970s, and a lot of Pennsylvania RR memorabilia.

The Colony (a suburb of Dallas)
Thursday: 4 PM - 9 PM (earlier by appointment, but please call first)
Sunday: 10 AM - 4 PM

John Smith is a devoted Santa Fe fan. His 12 x 20 foot Santa Fe layout represents Flagstaff, Arizona, in the 1960s. Second generation zebra stripe plus blue and yellow diesels work two loops, with a large yard under construction. Much scenery and structures are in place. The layout, while in John's home, was built by John together with Phil Camp, Roger Lewis, and John Thornton.

Here are some pictures of John Smith's layout:




Joe Batson MMR
Friday: 12 PM - 3 PM
5503 Yeary Street, Fort Worth

The Choctaw Lumber Company is located in the Southeastern part of Oklahoma. The narrow gauge lumber company interchanges with the Frisco branch at Idabel Oklahoma. The saw mill is located at Houchatown, North of Idabell. From Hochatown the logging line extends North and West into the lush timber lands of Southern Pine and Loblolly pine. There is also oak mixed in with the pine. The logging railroad is set in the 1940s, and is fairly prosperous. The saw mill is a single band saw mill. Parts of the layout are scenicked and most of the dual gauge switches and track is installed at Idabel. The logging line is set up with a loads in empties out arrangement that means you never run out of timber. The layout is located in its own 15' by 15' insulated and air conditioned building behind the house. The layout is double decked with a couple of high level duck unders. The layout was started in 2012 and there are lots of photographs here.

Charlie Morrill
Open Thursday afternoon by appointment

Charlie's fantastically detailed and superbly operating DCC layout was showcased with a feature article (and cover photo!) in a recent OST issue (#96, Mar/Apr 2018), the first produced by White River. A bit out of the way in Benjamin, Texas, but worth the detour.


Google "Motels 76132" and "Motels 76126."

Contact Information

Michael Ross: 817-346-3416
Mike Walter: 817-346-1644

Mike Walter, Michael Ross, and all the DFW O Scalers appreciate the support and co-hosting of the Southwest O Scale meet by the Cowcatcher Division, Division 1 of the Lone Star Region, NMRA